Get WICKED in Providence, RI

October 7th, 2009 by gloria

Something bad is happening in the Wonderful World of Oz.  Animals are not being allowed to speak, monkeys are turning into winged creatures, and Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West are going to the Emerald City to find out why.  WHAT???  They are going together?  Yes, before Dorothy opened that door into Munchkinland, Glinda and Elphaba were best friends.  Of course, they didn’t become friends immediately, but once Glinda vows to make her new friend “Popular”, the two become inseparable.

Wicked takes us on the journey of the friends’ determination to figure out who or what is disturbing the peace in Oz.  The music and lyrics written by Stephen Schwartz transport the audience to that magical place over the rainbow, causing us to experience a huge range of emotions, eliciting rip-roaring laughter or silent tears.

The Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island brings you this amazing musical beginning December 16, 2009, and will continue to run through January 10, 2010.  And what better place to see this production than a renovated, classic New England theater with outstanding acoustics?  Rumor has it that if you have the opportunity to see a show at this venue, you should definitely take it!  Tickets for Wicked in Providence go on sale on October 17, 2009.  Check us out at for your best deals on tickets in all touring cities!  Enter the code word “wicked” to receive a 5% discount on your entire purchase.

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