Smart Ticket Buying Q & A’s

1. What does it mean to buy a ticket in the “secondary ticket market”? When is it a good deal to do so?

Buying tickets in the secondary ticket market means that you are purchasing tickets from someone who previously acquired tickets for an event and is now offering those tickets for resale. In the WickedTicketsNY Ticket Exchange, you will find tickets listed by individuals and licensed ticket brokers who are willing to give up their seats at a stated price. The price that they ask for their ticket may be more or less than the original face value of the ticket. This is a bit different than buying tickets in the “primary ticket market,” where you buy your ticket from the event’s box office at the face value price of the ticket, plus service fees. Buying tickets in the secondary market can be a very good deal when an event is sold-out, if the seats you want are no longer available direct from the box office, as well as when you are able to find someone selling their tickets in the secondary ticket market at less

than face value.
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This guide is intended to give you some tips on how to maximize your value when buying tickets on the secondary ticket market.

2. Is it legal to resell tickets? Isn’t this scalping?

With just a few small exceptions, the reselling of event tickets is legal now virtually everywhere, as long as it does not take place on the premises of the venue. No, it isn’t “scalping.” Scalpers are unlicensed people who whisper “hey psst… need any tickets” at you when you approach a venue. We don’t recommend that you buy tickets from scalpers, because if you do, then your purchase will not be covered by the same kind of guarantees that you get when you buy through the WickedTicketsNY Ticket Exchange. The persons who sell tickets on our site are licensed ticket brokers along with individuals just like you who bought tickets and are now looking to sell them because they no longer wish to attend an event.

3. Is a more expensive ticket always a better ticket?

Usually, but not always. This is because ticket prices in our ticket exchange are set by each individual ticket seller at the price point at which they are willing to give up their seat. Different people place different values on their tickets, so a more expensive seat is not in every case a better seat. Feel free to consult the seating chart for the venue (click the link at the top right of each ticket listing page on our site) and then select the seat that best meets your needs.

4. Will ticket prices increase or decrease as it gets closer to the event date?

Waiting until the very last minute to buy tickets can be very risky business! For some events, ticket prices in the secondary market will drop if there are still lots of tickets for sale as an event approaches. We’ve seen some people try and wait to get the lowest possible price. But over and over again we’ve heard from people who have waited too long and were very upset as a result. Sometimes prices will actually rise in the final days before an event, or the tickets will sell out completely, even on our site, and people are unable to find tickets at any price. Ticket delivery logistics can also become much more complicated if one waits too long.

So the bottom line is that if you need tickets at the very last minute, our sellers will do their very best to get them to you, but if you want to reduce the risks you will miss an event and be certain that you will get the seats that you want, don’t wait too long to get your tickets… buy them before someone else does!

5. When is the best time to buy sports playoff tickets?

For the best deals on premium playoff tickets, buy your tickets before it is 100% certain that your team is in the game. We will usually have season ticket holders listing their seats for sale much earlier just on the chance that their team will advance. If the team does not qualify for the playoff game, then the buyer gets their money back. But if the team does qualify for the game, then the buyer will get their ticket at a price that is usually lower than if they wait until their team qualifies.

6. What should someone do if there are no tickets listed for an event they want to attend?

There are two main reasons we might not have any ticket inventory listed for an event. Sometimes it is simply too early, and no one is yet able to offer their tickets up for sale. Other times, all the tickets in the secondary market will sell out and there will be nothing left to buy. Sometimes when this happens, we will find new ticket sellers willing to offer their tickets to our web site visitors. In either case, the best strategy is to bookmark the page on our site for the event you are interested in, and recheck it daily to see if any ticket inventory appears.

7. When does it not make sense to buy tickets in the ticket exchange?

Chances are, if you buy your tickets through our exchange you will have a better overall purchase experience and end up with seats that are just right for you. Avoiding the box office hassle, as well as the memory of sitting in great seats, is often worth any extra cost. Nonetheless, there are some situations where buying tickets on the secondary market is not the best deal.

Sometimes a ticket seller will offer their general admission ticket for resale at a price greater than what is still available direct from the box office. It might make sense to have to pay a premium to buy a general admission ticket for an event that is sold out, but it doesn’t make sense when it isn’t. The bottom line is that if you can find the seat you want at the box office for less than someone is offering their ticket for sale in our exchange, then you might want to buy your ticket directly from the box office. But if you want a really good seat that isn’t available from the box office, then it makes sense to buy your ticket using the WickedTicketsNY Ticket Exchange. Use our site to find good deals, and just ignore the sellers with unrealistic expectations!

8. Is it worth paying a premium to get a better seat?

Well, there is no one way to answer that question, as it depends on each individual’s personal preferences, not to mention their finances!

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