Majestic Theatre – San Antonio

Recognized as one of the most ornate facilities in the country, the Majestic has long held a special place in the archives of Texas theatrical and architectural history. Located at 224 E. Houston Street in the heart of downtown San Antonio, the Majestic was designed and built in 1929 by John Eberson for Karl Hoblitzelle’s Interstate Theatres, and stood proudly for many years as the largest theatre in Texas and the second largest motion picture theatre in the country. It was intended to be the most modern and ornate building in South Texas – complete with new sound and projection equipment – and was the first theatre in the state to be totally air-conditioned.

Interesting Facts

  • The Majestic was built in 1929 and designed by John Eberson
  • The theatre seats 2311 people
  • The theatre is owned by the City of San Antonio
  • The Majestic Theatre is home to the San Antonio Symphony
  • The theatre reopened after renovation in 1989
  • The d├ęcor is described as “Mediterranean Style”
  • A machine projects clouds that move across the ceiling of the Majestic
  • The first film shown in the Majestic was “Movietone Follies”
  • The theatre has three balconies, two of which are completely renovated and functional
  • The Majestic Theatre has hosted over 4 million patrons
  • In 1992, the Majestic was the host to President George Bush’s Presidential State Dinner for the International Drug Summit


Arts Center Enterprises, Inc., professionally managing the Majestic and Charline McCombs Empire Theatres, strives to bring the finest touring Broadway shows, concerts and other live entertainment events to the Majestic and Charline McCombs Empire Theatres. Customer Service is our first priority and to ensure that all of our guests have a pleasant experience, we ask that you please respect the house policies listed below.

Smoking is not permitted in any area of the Majestic or Charline McCombs Empire Theatres. Smoking patios are designated outside the main entrance of both theatres.

Cellular Phones & Pagers
As a courtesy to your fellow patrons and in order to maintain the artistic integrity of the performance please turn off all cellular phones. Pagers need to be placed on the vibrate mode.

Recording Devices & Cameras are not permitted in the theatre.

A Full-Service Bar is offered at all performances. Beverages include wine, beer, soft drinks, mixed drinks, champagne, margaritas, coffee, juice and water. Candy is also available.

Late Seating
Arts Center Enterprises, Inc. encourages all patrons to arrive to performances on time. Many performances in the Theatres require a seating hold for late arriving patrons. Seating holds will be determined by each production.

Assistive Listening Devices are available for the hearing impaired. Patrons must present a valid driver’s license or valid state identification when checking out units.

Valet Parking is available for the Majestic Theatre Starlight Suite ticket holders only.

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Assistive Listening Devices:

Available at all theatre productions.

Open Captioning:

The Majestic Theatre will offer Open-Captioned performances for the hearing impaired community for many of the Broadway in San Antonio series productions. This service will typically be offered during Sunday matinee performances. For Open Captioning dates and times for specific performances, please inquire at the Majestic box office. Productions without dialogue may not offer Open Captioning.

At performances presented with Open Captioning, the dialogue spoken or sung by the actors on stage is also displayed in red letters on a small digital screen that is located in front of one side section of the orchestra level. Scrolled manually in synchronization with the dialogue or singing on stage, the script is entered ahead of time; thus the captions appear with no time delays or transcription errors during the performance. The operator also has the capacity to edit the script in performance, should the words change as they are being performed.

Much like Closed Captioning for television programs, Open Captioning presents the spoken or sung portions, as well as sound effects, of the performance in a format accessible to deaf audience members who do not use American Sign Language or to patrons who may have difficulty hearing clearly.

This service may be useful for or of interest to

  • People who are hard of hearing or deaf and use hearing aids, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices but do not rely on/understand sign language as a means of communication
  • Sign language users who may prefer a literal translation of the text
  • Persons who have developed gradual hearing loss with age
  • Hearing audience members who might not catch rapid song lyrics, heavily accented dialogue, technical words or foreign phrases in a performance
  • Children learning to read
  • Individuals studying English as a second language.


The closest parking garage to the Majestic and Empire Theatres is the Mid-City parking garage located on the corner of College Street and Navarro, across from La Mansion Hotel.

There are quite a few other parking facilities located around the two theatres. Prices vary according to distance and whether or not the attendant will be charging for event parking.