Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre

The Temple Buell Theatre is located in Denver, Colorado, and offers a great experience to both fans and performers. Although most people refer to this venue as the Temple Buell Theatre, the formal name is actually the Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre. Of course, no matter what you call this venue the fact still remains that it has plenty to offer.

The main goal of the Temple Buell Theatre is to provide the audience with a first class experience. For top of the line Broadway shows, the Temple Buell Theatre is as good as it gets in the Denver area. Not only is this venue perfect for Broadway shows, but it is also a great option for plays, musicals, and comedy acts.

Every year the Temple Buell Theatre ranks near the top for the highest growing theatres of its size. This is saying a lot considering all of the competition among theatres in bigger cities.

There are several smaller venues within the Temple Buell Theatre that also host events. They include the Wolf Room, the Balcony and Mezzanine, and the Lobby. These locations are used for smaller events such as banquets, sit down dinners, etc.

The Temple Buell Theatre operates with high class, and is one of the top venues of its kind in the entire United States.

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Wicked will run from Oct. 7th – Nov. 15th 2009

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Nov 15 at 2pm