Tennessee Performing Arts Center – Andrew Jackson Hall

wickedtpacandrewjacksonhallTennessee Performing Arts Center – Andrew Jackson Hall

505 Deaderick Street

Mailing Address:
PO Box 190660
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: (615) 782-4000
Fax: (615) 782-4001

TPAC Mission Statement

The mission of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center is to provide facilities, services and programs of the highest quality for the greatest benefit of the people, institutions and communities of the state, and to take a leadership role in fostering the performing arts, arts education, resident arts groups and other arts organizations.


TPAC is an accessible facility with a variety of services including wheelchair accomodations, accessible parking, assistive listening devices, audio description, sign interpretation, TDD phone service and large print and Braille programs.

To request assistance with special needs or to reserve a wheelchair for use at TPAC, call 615-782-4087 on the day you are planning to attend a performance. Staff members are happy to meet patrons on the curb at the main entrance to TPAC to provide assistance as needed during your time at the facility.

For general information on accessible services at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, call Lori Ward at 615-687-4077.

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How long does the performance last?

Performance length can range from 60 minutes for programming geared to children to three hours for some Broadway musicals. Running time is not always provided to TPAC. Call 615/782-4000 — between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday — for that information, which will be provided to you as available.

What is the dress code?

There is no specific dress code. While most people “dress up” for evening performances, especially on the weekends, a number of patrons dress casually whenever they come to TPAC. For weeknight and matinee performances, people tend to dress more casually, even in blue jeans.

Do you sell food and beverages at the performances?

Yes. Prior to performances and during intermission, TPAC’s Center Landing Café sells coffee, water, soft drinks, desserts, and specialty items from our Tastes of Tennessee partners. Sandwiches are sold at Center Landing Café.

Do you sell liquor?

Yes. Wine, beer and mixed drinks are sold at TPAC Concessions prior to a performance and during intermission.

Can you eat and drink during a performance?

TPAC decided a few years ago to begin allowing bottled water only in the theaters. This decision grew out of growing comments from our customers to offer this service just as many other venues in town were doing. At that time, we polled other performing arts centers in the country and we found that allowing beverages purchased at the venue to be taken into the theatre was a very common practice. It is even more common in NYC Broadway theaters where some theaters even sell beverages inside the theater walls rather than just in the lobby spaces. As positive customer response grew and customers asked for more variety of beverages to be allowed in the theater, we responded to the overwhelming request. And yes, of course, the finances of it do come into play. With so much competition for the entertainment dollar, we are always challenged to find ways to keep up with the other performance venues surrounding us or lose the business. Even promoter & producer urged us to allow beverage purchased at the theater inside because it makes their show more appealing to their customers. Ultimately, the decision still belongs to the producer using the theater, but TPAC’s venue policy is ‘all drinks are allowed in the theater’.

Are cameras and recorders allowed in the theater?

No. The use of cameras and recording devices is strictly prohibited by the contracts with the performing artists and organizations.

May I bring my binoculars?

Yes. TPAC sells binoculars for $5 at TPAC bars & Center Landing Café.

Does TPAC accept credit cards?

Yes. TPAC Concessions now takes credit cards. (War Memorial Audiotorium, however, still does not have this capability).

Is there an ATM machine?

Yes. We have an automatic teller machine located in the Main Lobby off Deaderick Street.

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located in the lower level of the Andrew Jackson Hall lobby, down one level when you enter the building under the marquee on 6th Avenue, and down the stairs in the back of Jackson Hall. Restrooms are located off of the Polk and Johnson Theater lobbies. Special accessible restrooms are located in the rear of Jackson Hall for performances in that theater and in the Polk Theater lobby. All restrooms are accessible to wheelchairs.

Do you have wheelchairs?

Yes. TPAC house management will be able to assist you with your request. If possible, call 782-4087 in advance to make arrangements for a wheelchair.

Are you accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes. TPAC is accessible to people with disabilities and provides special services for people with special needs including audio descriptions of select performances.  Feel free to call 615/782-4087 to discuss your special needs in advance if your questions are not addressed on this web site.

I left an item at TPAC. Do you have a “lost and found” department?

Yes. Call 615/782-4098. Leave your name, telephone number, and a detailed message about your item—when you lost it and what performance you were attending. Someone will look for the item and get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the seating capacity?
Andrew Jackson Hall: 2,400.
James K. Polk Theater: 1.075
Andrew Johnson Theater: 256
War Memorial Auditorium: 1,600


What are the ticket prices?

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Does my baby/child need a ticket?

Yes. Everyone must have a ticket. There are no exceptions. Unless a performance is clearly geared to young children, TPAC recommends against bringing babies and young children to our performances.

Thank You From WickedTicketsNY.net and The Tennessee Performing Arts Center And Enjoy The Show!