Wicked: Tips For Parents

* Children ages 4 and under are not admitted to the show. Some special effects such as the winged dragon, flying monkey, Oz head and Oz head’s voice may be too intense and scary for preschoolers and even some school-age children. Take into account what your elementary-schooler can handle before purchasing tickets.

* If your family is going to see the show, listen to the cast album of “Wicked” first. The songs can help your children understand the storyline.

* Ask your children to think about some of the themes in the show and discuss them with you. For younger children: Imagine being green. Does Elphaba feel left out because she is green? Who makes friends with her? For older children: Being green is one reason Elphaba feels different. Does she learn to like her unique color, personality and interests? How does the friendship of Elphaba and Galinda change over time?

* Review the show’s content to make sure you feel comfortable bringing your children. There is no profanity in the show. There are a few displays of violence, but they are tame compared with many movies and television shows and are not realistic. The musical is very different from the novel “Wicked” in terms of overt sexual references. There is one love song, and parents can check out its lyrics here: www.musicalschwartz.com/wicked-lyrics-4.htm
Source: www.musicalschwartz.com